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A Criminal Attorney Can Help

At W3M, we are a factoring company that can help out a business in need. While investing in a factoring company can be risky, it can also be greatly rewarding. In fact, factoring companies have been around for centuries, providing financial relief to businesses in England in 1400. The way factoring companies work is that we purchase, at a discount, account receivables from a company. For companies, this can provide immediate cash relief since the purchasing process is immediate. Companies no longer have to tap into a line of credit or get a loan from the bank. The owner of the debt then pays the factoring company (to us at W3M), which is how we get paid.

Although the process seems fairly straight forward, there are problems that can arise. Sometimes these problems stem from the company doing business with us. Sometimes the problems come from working directly with the owner of the debt. This is why we hire expert criminal attorneys such as Shahin Zamir of the Law Office of Shahin Zamir, PLLC. Hiring an experienced attorney can protect us in case there is mishandling of funds or laws are crossed from the business we are working with or the owner of the debt.

Criminal law protects all parties involved in a factor transaction. For us at W3M to be able to benefit from the factoring process, and to ensure all laws are being followed, we hire respectable criminal law attorneys with an excellent track record.

Are Factoring Companies a Wise Investment?

Factoring companies are one of the oldest forms of lending, having been around since before the 1400s in England. They work by purchasing accounts receivables from a business at a discount. This in turn infuses immediate cash into the business that is in need of rapid funding. The factor eliminates the need for a business to go to a bank for a loan or tap into a line of credit. The factor gets their cash when the owner of the debt pays their bill.

Investing in factoring companies is risky, but can be very rewarding. Factors are relying on the owner of the debt to pay the bill, which sometimes doesn't happen. When the debtor fails to pay, the factor has to resort to pressure to get paid. If the factoring company doesn't get paid, neither do you.

The key to successful investment in factoring companies is to seek out ones that have a proven track record. Factors that take on reliable debt are going to be less troublesome to deal with. Reliable debt is considered to be a debtor along the lines of a large chain or has consistently paid the bills in the past.

Avoid factoring companies that seem too good to be true. Investing is an inherently risky venture to begin with, so be leery of a factor that guarantees a high rate of return. Look at the background of the factor before taking the plunge and investing money.


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